Capital District

The Capital District is New York's most active chapter, sponsoring fundraising events is support of Veterans in the Albany area.  Current membership roster:

Rob Giordano Board President
Mike FitzGibbon Vice President

Gary Favro        Ken Harrison           Brian Manion    
Jay Girvin          Frank Marchesini    Jason Allen    
Terry Gillooley   Vince Leach            Mike Cox   
Mike Crouse     Bob Domenici         Sandy Zelka
Melody Burns   Mary Ellen Melton

Statement From  Rob Giordano:

Corporate American is the bedrock of our freedom loving capitalistic spirit, driving innovation, job creation, and our economy. 

As a SVP in Corp America, and a combat veteran I know well the talented young men, and women who leave the ranks after their selfless service, and join our Corporate teams.  Veterans bring reliability and leadership that can be gained from no other employment.  Our veterans have unquestioned values, maturity, and the highest levels of professionalism.  Because of their previous sacrifice we reap the hard earned skills, experience, and traits they have developed by protecting our democracy, both through US domestic operations, and combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I can also attest to the fact that no matter how great the effort from the men, and women of our VA, the medical, employment, family and social-emotional support needed for our veterans will continue to be overwhelming well into the 21st Century.   It is because of these needs, and the fact that we will continue to enjoy the skills, and hard earned talent that veterans bring to our organizations that I ask you to consider giving back locally to the Greater Capital District Vets Count. VeteransCount is a veteran support organization with a very low administrative fee of 8%, directly overseen by a Capital Region board of trustees comprised of veterans from every branch of the military, parents of veterans, and Corporate professionals who come from the legal, finance, health care, and insurance professions. 

We know that you are asked to give, and give again.   I’m sure that at some point it becomes overwhelming.  I believe that the Vets Count request is different because your donation will stay here in the greater NY Capital District region, to help our local men and women.  Next, our administration fee is super low, thus ensuring your tax deductible donation will go directly where you intended it to go, and last, our board is an all-volunteer board who is reachable, and accountable for our actions. 

On behalf of our local veterans, and the Vets Count Board I want to thank you in advance for your consideration.